67 years ago the government decided to secretly do experiments on a small town. The residents slowly become on edge and rabid. Highly contagious undead invasion forced the army to close off all the surrounding area until a few days ago where a task force was sent in to investigate unusual activity but never to be seen again. You will now be part of rescue mission to bring RECON ALPHA back. Are you up for it?!

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Play tactical, live action ZOMBIE role playing game. You and your team will use military replicas with UNLIMITED AMMO to clear apocalyptic areas where undead have invaded. Ideal for stag and hen parties, teambuliding, cooperate, birthday parties, training, any ocassion and individuals. What you get is:

  • gun with UNLIMITED AMMO
  • interactive characters
  • puzzle solving
  • task solving
  • full head protection
  • tactical overall
  • fully trained marshals
  • themed game zones

Minimum age 18